Commitment to Peace Program

Contractual Agreement for FOR PEACE WITH FHKC.ORG for a $1 DONATION (minimum legal requirement)

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ACCESS / Spiritumanity – Transpersonal Awareness Program

Once we create the foundation for PEACE, by contractually committing to PEACE, the next step is to teach, train and maintain PEACE within ourselves, our organizations and with all forms of life utilizing the ACCESS / Spiritumanity – Transpersonal Awareness Program.

The Foundation will provide hours of education and work training on life and spiritual education and guidance.

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Random Acts of Access Angels Kindness Program

The ACCESS Angels provides Random Acts of Kindness out on the streets of Gaslamp and feeding the meters that were about to expire as a goodwill effort.  Our ACCESS Angels gives out kindness along the three (3) blocks of 5th Streets (from F to Island Avenue) on many Saturdays from 3 to 8:00 pm. So, literally, there is FREE PARKING on Fifth Avenue! See comment below on just some of our feedback.

Goto To Go – Soup Kitchen

The Foundation will provide free hot nutritious meal to anyone who cannot afford to buy themselves a meal. One of our future annual international projects is for children in public schools to be provided with bags of rice and school supplies in Third World Countries.

St. Michael’s Aid – Hands on Needs Assessment

Those living on the street face more than physical challenges. Many also live with one or more mental health or substance abuse issues, adding to their difficulty in finding housing and employment. We personally go out on the street to talk individually to homeless people to build rapport and for an initial needs assessment. With this knowledge, we can then direct them to the appropriate treatment requirement/s which will then be provided by professional and licensed Doctors, Therapists, or by interns and trainees under their supervision of that particular referred organization.

One of the Foundation’s projects is to reinstate ‘almost homeless’ people back to be sustainable, self-efficient, outstanding members of our community. We intend to do this by firstly assessing their mental states and immediate needs so that they can be effectively and efficiently directed and given the resources and appropriate services they might need in order to improve the quality of their lives. With our hands on approach in providing service to meet the needs of the whole individual, we intend to give him or her, their best chance at living as a healthy, contributing member of our community.


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