100% of your donations are 501(c)(3) tax deductible funds benefiting our communities, organizations and all of us to exponentially speed up the intended education, training and process in spreading unconditional PEACE and LOVE while building the PROSPERITY and realizing Generational Wealth bridges for ALL.



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The Foundation for Human Kindness and Compassion (FHKC) cannot achieve any accomplishments alone, and it is through the generosity of the thousands of individuals, corporations and organizations who supports our work that we can achieve outstanding success.

We intend and promise to utilize each and every cent so that it is of greatest help not only to the Foundation but for each and every individual that we might be able to help. We thank every single one of those supporters, who continue to partner with us to create a better individual for those we serve – and a stronger community for us all.

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Our volunteers provide valuable services for us. In return they receive the satisfaction of knowing they are personally helping people create positive, lasting change in their lives.
Please note that we are unable at this time to work with court-mandated volunteers.

Due to insurance restrictions, volunteers must be age 16 and older. If you are part of a youth group under this age, we are very happy to provide a free seminar of the Foundation’s Mission so you can find out more about our work, and welcome your help with the Foundation in the future.

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